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Secretary Bird

The Spirit Power of Birds

For millennia, humans have been fascinated and inspired by birds. Their wings effortlessly take them to incredible heights. Their plumages shine with every imaginable color. And their migratory journeys amaze us. These Avian traits have inspired cultures worldwide to to assign deep spiritual significance and power to birds. Ancient Druids, Native Americans, Roman augurs, and others have looked to the birds for divinatory answers to deeply spiritual questions. Present day Druidry and other NeoPagan paths can also connect to Spirit through birds.

The Bird Goddess

Hester Hummingbird

What is Ornithovoyance?

Ornithovoyance is an original system of Spirit connection created by Bard Owl.


Bard Owl

Meet Bard Owl

Bard Owl is the Spirit name of Diane Laura Rains, Ornithovoyante. Diane has one foot firmly planted in the world of Science, and one in Spirit Work.


Blue Jay Jasper

What We Offer

Bard Owl's Ornithovoyante mission is to help people connect to Spirit through birds, and to inspire a deeper knowledge of and concern for Avian species. We offer several paths for learning about birds and connecting with bird Spirit.


Bard Owl's Art

Luminist painter Diane Rains (aka Galene, aka Bard Owl) is a mixed media fine artist. She paints with oils, watercolor, pan pastel, colored pencil, and other media in the Imaginative Realism and Wildlife Art genres. Her depictions of birds, their habitats and behaviors, and deities associated with birds are skilled and compelling. High quality giclée prints are available in our Ornithovoyance Etsy shop.

Ornithovoyance On Etsy

See with the wisdom of birds and fly to the heart of Spirit! Our Ornithovoyance Etsy Shop has the tools you need to become an Ornithovoyante: Feather Divination sessions, guided Avian Shapeshifting Visualization sessions, Spirit Bird Necklaces featuring many Avian species, Spirit bird amulets, plus original bird- and goddess-themed art and music.


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